education consultant in gujarat, india.

Education Consulting

The numbers of school institutions in India is keep growing along with the dynamics of government’s policies and initiatives. Meanwhile, there is a massive demand that conical to quality education from primary standard to higher study. With a growing demand of industry and its manpower needs, we empower ourselves in the field of Institutional Development to meet the needs of quality education especially in the sector-specific knowledge area.

At Eduprogress, we focus on overall guidance from statutory approval until the commissioning of the institution related to Higher Education and K12 Institutions Development, World-Class Universities Development, and Center of Excellence. We extensively work with clients to ensure the progressivity and bring utmost result.

Higher and Technical Education

Indian higher and technical education has played a vital role in generating the gap of trained manpower and support nation’s development.

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School Education

Robust foundation is always momentous for upcoming school education. From project conceptualization, design the curriculum and align it with education philosophy

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Online Education

The increased internet penetration, technological interventions in many aspects, and accessibility of massive content online has given avenue for online based education in India and across the globe

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Manpower Services for Academic Institutes

Canvas includes tons of optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

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