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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: PM Modi Welcomes Private Sector to Open Medical Colleges in India

What a Beautiful Sunday Morning it was.

This day was 20th February, 2022 and more than 18,000 Young Indian Students staying in Ukraine must have enjoyed a delicious meal inside their hostels.

But suddenly their phones rang up!

And here they receive the


Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a full-blown attack on Ukraine.

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GUJARAT BUDGET GOES BIG: A Quick Snapshot of 34,000+ Crores Budget for Education & All Big Announcements to Boost Education & Learning in Gujarat

A Budget for the Good of people.

And we have all the good reasons to say this.

Gujarat Budget for 2022-23 has demonstrated an absolutely classic example of how State Governments can do wonders for its people.

On 3rd March, 2022, the Finance Minister of Gujarat “Shri Kanubhai Desai” presented the current state Government’s last budget...

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DECODED: New Guidelines by UGC for Opening R&D Cells at all Higher Education Institutes

The World of Research is about to witness a major transformation.

Until now most of the research findings published by top ranking institutes of India, always made it to the top of headlines.

Finding a new discovery made by scientists of AIIMS, IITs or even the Ivy League Universities has become very common.

With plenty of resources, the aspirants of these institutes have gained an extra...

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GOOD NEWS: Now AICTE welcomes Big Industrial Houses & Philanthropic Organizations to open New Engineering Colleges

Getting into IITs is a dream of many.

For some, the word “Engineering” sparks an endless hunger for innovation.

While for many others it’s the rosy future guaranteed by an engineering degree.

We Indians are so proud to say that many of our engineering graduates score a decent job and even go on to serve as the CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.

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Government Welcomes Foreign Universities to set up Campus in Gujarat’s Gift City

Have you ever thought how many universities do we have in India?

Well, India has more than 1,000 Universities (as of April 2022) and surprisingly the Gross Enrolment Ratio stands close to 27% only. And that’s way too low when our country claims to have one of the largest Higher Education System in the world.

So, does that means we need more Universities?

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How UGC plans to promote collaboration among Indian & Foreign Colleges for offering Dual & Joint Degrees?

Do collaborations bring good results?

And what if 2 Institutes from different nations collaborate to offer degrees?

Seems a faraway dream. Right?

But not anymore! It’s because-

UGC has issued new regulations in April 2022 for promoting academic collaborations among Indian and Foreign Colleges.

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Discover everything about the UGC’s New Guidelines that allow students to pursue 2 full time degree courses simultaneously

Wish to pursue two Degrees? And that too simultaneously?

Uhmm. Is that even possible in India?

Yes. That’s the good news for millions of students who wish to follow their passion while pursuing a formal academic route.

You’ll be surprised to know that the idea of pursuing 2 full time degree programmes has just been turned into reality. All thanks to UGC for passing Guidelines in this regard.

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WELCOME MOVE: India & UK sign MoU to boost education opportunities in both countries

Should we say it’s

Good News?

Maybe, yes for some individuals.

And before we directly jump on conclusions stating what India gains from such an MoU, there are some surprising pointers you must know.

So, its about yesterday, 21st July, 2022 that UK & India signed:

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BIG NEWS: New Regulations by Gujarat GIFT City welcome Foreign Universities to open their Campus in India

Is the wait over ?

Maybe YES.

Finally, we have the news many of you have been waiting for !

Before we amaze you with the Newest Developments, we thank you for coming up with so many queries on our earlier blog on GIFT City. That blog was solely dedicated to present the Possible Challenges & Benefits for Foreign Universities interested to set up their branch in GIFT IFSC Center.

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NSQF: A far-sighted Education framework that benefits Students, Institutes & the Global Economy

Ever heard of a flexible education system? That too in India?

Maybe now’s the time for us to witness a grand transformation coming our way.

In a bid to make it easy for students to prepare themselves for a changing Global Employment Market, Indian Education System will now have outcome-based learning.

Learning that will be agile and will support students in their career progression too.

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NHEQF: Redefining the standards of India’s Higher Education in an all-new way

At first glance, the new framework seems to be coming up with a novel focus on multidisciplinary and holistic education.

But it goes even deeper and is all set to introduce changes that will make India’s Higher Education agile, for the good of students, institutions and the economy.

So, first things first, welcome back to the Part 2 of our Blog.

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DECODED: New Regulations by UGC on Minimum Standards and Procedure for Ph.D. Degree in India

A doctorate in India is pursued by the ones who are passionate to delve deep into the minute aspects of a subject and contribute more to the current body of research findings.

Some of these findings go on to advance the world’s understanding about the things around them. Or these findings give birth to a scientific revolution that gets acknowledged for decades to come.

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GAME CHANGER: India’s UGC permits Institutes to engage Industry Experts as Professors

We are pretty sure you must have heard of Professors of Practice serving at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia or other Ivy League & Top Ranked Global Institutes.

Even closer home, our very own IITs also invite experienced professionals to interact and deliver lectures in the class.

And this seems to be a luxury enjoyed by only few Institutes. Isn’t it?

But not anymore !

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BUDGET 2023: Let’s Decode all the Major Announcements made for Education Sector

Budget 2023 was watched with so much fanfare.

And it drew all the attention because of being the last full budget of the NDA Government. With so many new initiatives, rebates and tax revisions, we all need to know what’s happening in our domains.

So, here we bring you all the Announcements made in Budget 2023 for the promotion of education ecosystem, skill development, and ...

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UGC closes the deadline for FHEI Draft Norms on 20th Feb. Let’s discuss everything about these regulations

Heard of Foreign Universities coming to India ?

We guess you must have ! Its’ because all those headlines have been dominating your newsfeeds for all this while. But right after various requests from the stakeholders, UGC has again extended the deadline for feedback on Draft Regulations for setting up Foreign HEIs.