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DECODED: New Regulations by UGC on Minimum Standards and Procedure for Ph.D. Degree in India

UGC rolls out Minimum Regulations for Ph.D. degree courses.

In this newest blog, we have given a description of whole gamut of issues that have been addressed by the new Regulations.

We welcome you to learn more about these changes that are going to impact Research Education in India.

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BIG NEWS: New Regulations by Gujarat GIFT City welcome Foreign Universities to open their Campus in India

GIFT City all set to become India's Global Education Hub !

And finally we have a wonderful news many of you have been waiting for.

For the whole of 2022, our teams have been receiving many interesting queries from HEIs of India and even from Foreign Universities that are quite serious about opening their Branch Campus in GIFT City of Gujarat.

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WELCOME MOVE: India & UK sign MoU to boost education opportunities in both countries

As it a Good News? Or does this MoU come with a condition?

Well, it indeed is a welcome move by India & UK to sign this pact and boost the education ecosystem of both countries.

But there's so much more that you must know about it. Let's jump straight into this latest blog.